Wavefunction Collapse

by Ice Hockey

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released February 24, 2015

Buy this album on cassette tape from Texas is Funny:
texasisfunnyrecords.bigcartel (DOT) com/product/ice-hockey-wavefunction-collapse

On this recording Ice Hockey is:
Scottie Feller - Vocals
Joe Rodriguez - Guitar/Vocals
Marcus Robertson - Bass
Thomas Tapia - Drums

Tracks 1-3 were recorded in September of 2013 by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studios in Iowa City, IA.
Transferred to 1/4 inch tape in March of 2014 by Ian Harris at Future Appletree Studio 2 in Rock Island, IL

Tracks 4-8 were recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeremy Suman in September of 2013.

Track 1 uses a sample from "Let's Visit the Quad-Cities" by Pixie Video Productions. Used with permission.

Cover photo taken by Chris Strong (www.chrisstrong.com)

Thanks: Scott Andreu, Marcos Gossi, Texas is Funny, Luke Tweedy, Jeremy Suman, Marcus Nuccio, Chris Strong, Ian Harris, Andrew "the KNIFE" Cline, Benjamin Fawks & the Rozz-Tox, Ben Ashcraft, Anthony Burge, Kasey Harrison, Josh Demeyer, Alison Lindholm, Lora Wegener, and everyone who has helped us at all since we've been a band. It couldn't mean more to us.

Contact us at Icehockeyband@outlook.com



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Ice Hockey

Screamo from the Quad-Cities.


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Track Name: Rock Island
Do you feel closer to your God?
Or was everything you said just another
way of making perfect sense of all this mess?

Your face is unfamiliar
But I know we get along
laying down on this bed
struggle through a song

"can I just have one more?" "one more please"

we were everything we said we weren't
I was everything that I said I would not be
I was everything that was wrong with her
she was everything that was right with me
Track Name: The Great Flood of '93
lost a fortune in time spent and review
found some vices
quit anything i've learned
examples while you dig through
examples of what i can't do

this is what happens when you divide by zero

i don't see
there's no nerve in it
i don't see
there's no nerve in it
come from different cities
what could you prove
stoned in perfect silence
am i you
something stupid you'd all say
am i you
man, this slick stationary shit
what a way to drag your stubborn feet
so i know this day is coming
i feel sick every moment
wait to see my life eroding
hate this shit

my time is gone
(there is nothing left)
Track Name: Davenport
will we find each other
despite the distance and fields between us?
Track Name: Bugcatcher
gentle steps of unbalanced emotion
as soon as you walked into the room
my heart sank into this couch
as soon as you walked into the room

and this is why
i can't have
what i can't have

and this is why
and this is why
i can't have

blank eyed
sarcastic dignity
why can't i admit i'm always wrong?
Track Name: "Do you know Mark Warm?"
don't make me say
same trite idioms
god please
let me say
leave me be

don't make me say
same trite idioms
god please
don't make me too
leave me alone

i'm here
and it's known
let me
let me

turned on all your friends
you can't impact
on the only traits
i cannot, i will not change
will not change
you can't change
will not change
Track Name: East Lansing
i'm sinking
into this redline
Track Name: Solar Myths and Autumn
I always thought I'd be the same ten years on
never kept track of season's change, nights were long, days were gone
never witnessed the sun rise, just the fall
I miss the sound of leaves cracking under my feet
it sounds so beautiful

so take your part of this
take your part of me
because what is a death without a gravestone?
just a never ending sleep?

just the fall